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DP360 CRM is designed to meet specific needs for today’s showroom visits and the many internet lead sources that dealerships get, including social media.

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DP360 CRM supplies these dealerships with a full mobile offering, that allows for sales staff to be mobile and away from their desks. This simple process allows for customer interaction on a large inventory-driven lot.

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Recreational Vehicles


This type of very seasonal dealership, has a large inventory and shared inventory with consignments. The ability to track these sources and work with the Internet Lead Manager is key for extremely seasonal selling, with focus on the follow-up and new customer channels.

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DP360 CRM compliments business to business processes with detailed reporting and the correct sourcing to keep it all moving, while your sales staff has the time to work on the long-term relationship. The long-term, follow-up process gives the staff many actions to stay ahead of the customers.

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With a vast amount of add-ons, seasonal implements are endless for this group of dealerships. Keeping good history of precious contacts and vehicle information is key, as long-term follow-up for years is mandatory for the CRM process. Very seasonal professionals work with known clients that need the attention that only DP360 CRM can bring them, using a pro-active approach to all follow-ups.

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DP360 CRM is designed to help district and sales managers gauge the entire scope of the sales force. The DP360 CRM advantage, is to keep the logs on the right path of purchase and using our built in log-protection systems.

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Heavy Machinery