Sept. 8, 2014

Freedom Powersports, a company of six collective powersports dealers in Texas, placed on the Powersports Business Power 50 list. This is an outstanding accomplishment in the industry. The top ranking dealership on this list is internationally recognized as the “No. 1 Powersports Dealer in North America.”  Any dealership that makes it onto the list is held in high esteem. Freedom Powersports was specifically highlighted for an exceptional level of customer service, among other strengths. While the Power 50 list does not consider profits alone as a qualifying factor, high profits are vital to a spot on the Power 50.

High sales come from a hard working, high-quality sales team, and that is what Freedom Powersports has. Their impressive work ethic is aided by a powerful cloud-based CRM tool called Dealership Performance CRM. This CRM company helps sales team members easily manage their relationships with customers using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools such as email marketing, data mining, and a specialized Business Development Center in their online portal. In addition to providing crucial methods for lead management, Dealership Performance CRM also provides full training and support to dealership sales employees. This allows dealerships to use the CRM tools to the greatest potential.

The Dealership Performance CRM online dashboard acts much like a personal assistant. For example, one way the tool operates is by systematically organizing and scheduling follow-ups for up to twenty-one days after initial contact with a lead. This is something that no other CRM service offers. It also shows sales managers that their employees are following the sales process in an efficient way, and maximizing their leads. “Dealerships these days are constantly pushed with new lead sources and, as always, potential buyers. The ability to organize and make sense of these opportunities in real time is key. A dealership sales team must be able to efficiently manage these prospects for the success of their business,” says Tod Kilgore, owner of Dealership Performance CRM. “Our system does just that, and has the ability to apply these opportunities to a standardized sales process that touches every customer in the database.”

Freedom Powersports utilizes many services offered by Dealership Performance CRM, including lead tracking and monitoring, the call center, and its traditional CRM functions. Members of the sales team are able to monitor their progress on the dashboard, which reports lead types as well as real-time statistics. Web leads are made simple with an alert system and complete tracking of leads from first visit to delivery of the unit, as well as future opportunities. “We have used every CRM tool out there over the years, but we have always struggled with having to accept weak performance in one aspect in order to get good performance in another,” says Kevin Lackey, CEO of the Freedom Powersports dealership group. “Dealership Performance CRM is the first system that has allowed us to seamlessly utilize our lead management tools with no sacrifice of quality in any particular area. Dealership Performance CRM has allowed us to monitor sales department performance in a more consistent and clean platform than any other CRM we have used in the past.”

Freedom Powersports recently activated the new Business Development Center (BDC) tool within Dealership Performance CRM. This is a unique implementation that simplifies the post-sale process as well as service follow-ups. The internal tool contributes to lead scoring, and grades a lead contact based on recordings in the salesperson’s log. In result, valuable time is saved and chances for a sale cannot be missed. “The BDC function has allowed us to bring our call center efforts in house, while still having a powerful software platform to operate in,” Lackey says. “Dealership Performance CRM as a whole really helps manage the salespeople and their data entry.” Kilgore agrees with this assessment of his company. “We have done a lot to tie in all communication points and to streamline customer interaction for Freedom Powersports, and all other dealerships we service. This allows every lead source to be accounted for,” Kilgore says.

There is no doubt that Freedom Powersports will continue to be a success far into the future. Superior customer service combined with an impressive inventory is an unbeatable match. Dealership Performance CRM allows the dealer group to soar over its competitors with highly competitive sales statistics as well as an exceptional team. “Freedom Powersports knows the business well, and has achieved success though hard work and dedication to the customer. We are very honored to provide our service to such an elite group,” Kilgore says. “We have always admired the Freedom Powersportsgroup and their constant pursuit of perfection. In today’s world, customers are ever-changing, and Dealership Performance CRM is there to help move all dealerships to the next level. We help give Freedom Powersports that edge in the industry that puts them ahead. Our partnership just makes sense.”

About Freedom Powersports

Freedom Powersports is a family-owned company of six powersports dealerships located in the Fort Worth, TX area: Dallas, Decatur, Hurst, Lewisville, McKinney, and Weatherford. The successful dealership group’s strong support system and bond comes from its tradition to promote from within. Freedom Powersports is like a family. There is a heavy focus in place and a large investment in staff training. Freedom Powersports’ efficiency and attention to detail contribute most greatly to the customer satisfaction that allowed the group to place in the Power 50. In addition to the website, marketing efforts include social media, email blasts, direct mail, text messaging, print advertising, and public events to earn brand awareness. The International Motorcycle Show is a hugely popular event held by Freedom Powersports. The Freedom Power Riders are a group of customers that regularly ride together. These are just two ways in which Freedom Powersports interacts with the community they have created for riders in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For a virtual tour of the Freedom Powersports stores, visit

About Dealership Performance

Dealership Performance CRM is a cloud-based CRM company with expert experience in the powersports, RV, and marine industries. Achievements include advanced software development as well as published material in both traditional and online formats, guiding proper utilization of CRM tools. Dealership Performance CRM is knowledgeable about what it requires to take sales management at your dealership to the next level. Participating dealerships are provided with a unique and distinctive outlook on successful outreach in the world of powersports.

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