Dealership Performance CRM Offers Smart Survey®

TUALATIN, Ore. — One of the most valuable tools that Dealership Performance CRM has pre-loaded for every dealership is Smart Survey, the organization announced in a press release. This is an in-house BDC survey/call center tool that allows dealerships complete internal control over pre-sale and follow-up calls. Information from the dealership’s management system as well as third party vendors is fed directly into the tool. All lead details, as well as customer information and history following that first lead, are loaded in real time and available for the internal team member dedicated to making those calls in the Business Development Center.

With the ability to load and access information in real-time, no valuable time is wasted to allow a customer to make a purchase elsewhere, the release stated. Dealership Performance CRM’s Smart Survey pre-purchase call has a solid list of questions. It is designed to go into full detail about the customer’s wants, needs, and objections, while also gaining perspective on the customer’s overall experience, the release continued.

While the pre-purchase survey call poses great value for your dealership to maximize opportunities to generate revenue, all survey calls made within the BDC shed light on the dealership’s performance as a whole. Management is able to see where the sales team is strong and weak, and how customer experience can improve. In addition Smart Survey software works with pre-purchase calls as well as post-sale, event, parts, and service calls. Dealership management is able to identify the dealership’s assets.

Smart Survey is a single tool that gathers any and all leads, provides access to reports based on customer-stated sale methods, and creates a way to survey all aspects of your business. Dealership Performance CRM includes this BDC within the CRM tool, not separately. Utilization of this tool streamlines a dealership’s sales and follow-up process and creates more accountability for staff, the release stated.

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