Dealership Performance CRM Offers Smart Source®

Successful dealerships know that when it comes to sales leads, it is necessary to be proactive rather than reactive. In the past, the majority of sales originated from a customer entering the dealership. Now, things have changed. So much of a dealership’s business begins online; through either a direct lead submitted on a dealership website or through a third party source. In order to collect and follow up on both traditional and digital leads in the most effective way possible, a dealership should be able to monitor and manage the process completely. Dealership Performance CRM offers Smart Source®, the ideal solution.

Smart Source® has the ability to encompass several third party networks for all different verticals – Powersports, V-Twin, RV, Marine, Heavy Machinery, Agriculture, Truck, and Trailer – through one merged system for a dealership’s simple usability. Issues that come with duplication of leads through different third party vendors, such as missing or mismatched information, are eliminated with the flexibility that Smart Source® provides. Not only does this save time and enable more convenience for dealership staff, but it also creates a way to respond proactively to every possible lead. Leads from all different providers are automated in real time to maximize your dealership’s ability to grab those opportunities before they pass.

Dealerships that utilize Smart Source® have access to a daily report with a breakdown of the amounts and percentages of leads coming in for their location(s). Management staff can choose to focus on one or any amount of third party providers to track the results from a specific source. This is a helpful way to monitor return on investment for different resources and adjust spending accordingly. Dealers can pinpoint the most successful vendors and prioritize those, rather than waste valuable time and money on “dead end” sources.

Protect your bottom line and give your dealership every chance to maximize sales. Let Dealership Performance CRM Smart Source® provide your dealership with the most accurate information regarding third party sources to assure efficiency in lead collection and follow-up, and invest in the lead sources that make you money with Smart Source®.

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